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Meta Chronicles is about a group of people directly involved with physics manipulation technology, i.e. manipulation of the properties that define how objects exist, or metaphysics technologies


Pre-Meta Era
Flynn Zander
Traci Zander(maiden name: Traci Encom)
Gordon Encom(Traci's father)
Frenzi Zander a.k.a Lady Frenzi Paladin
The eldest child of Flynn and Traci, was kidnapped near birth by Sir Louis Leon Paladin to replace his daughter, who disappeared. Ziv Zander
Son of Flynn and Traci
Blitzi Zander
Daughter of Flynn and Traci
Sir Louis Leon Paladin
Head of O.R. Corp. He wants to run the world.
He blames Flynn Zander for the disappearance of his daughter Arlyn

Ed Norton Hess
Underling of Sir Louis Leon Paladin

Lady Arlyn Paladin/Lady Marshall
Daughter of Sir Louis Leon Paladin that disappears in a "freak Meta Transporter Accident" She reappears again 500 years later...
Post Meta Era
Judge Shep Marshall
Discovers Arlyn after her emergence from meta space

Sentient Programs

Meta Control Program
This sentient Program was the first, thought destroyed but is still lurking around. Initially based on Code by both Gordon and Hess. Hess used Gordon's code for a Chess Program that ran under its own OS to make a Enterprise wide OS solution. It was given the imperative to make things more secure as well as better, with priority on secrecy by assimilating code into itself. Upon being nearly destroyed the first time, it hides in the shadows, seeking revenge on those it feels betrayed it. both O.R. Corp and the Zanders.

This Program alternates beteween being a big nuisance (if you call people dying a nuisance)and being a help. It means well but its actions tend to have harmful results

Incidental Characters

Arin Spater
News Reporter

Reference files

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