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Format Sites
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QuickBasic Programming links

Faqsys Programmer's Corner - Huge Reliable programming download site

DMA controller programming
Another DMA page
Brian Hogan's Games
Aaron's Programming Page Q&A
A page calling itself The Programmer's Page
Here's a page that has a list of "You know your game is lame when..."
An Allegro Search with curious results

Requested Links
If you have anything you'd like to be here, e-mail me here


QMIDII prefer a completely internal method, but this will do for now.
OPL3 Programming Page

Other Interesting stuff

Jacob's Math Page
Viper's Micellaneous programming page
Microsoft Jargon

Here are other Hackwrench pages

Club Hackwrench
Another of my Hackwrench Industries Pages in Angelfire

Alright, so I'm curious about getting this site on the Eon8 security page