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location: Layer 09

In July 4 1947, a strange flying object dropped at a desert in New Mexico USA. It has not still been proved what it was. Guesses became facts, and rumors became histories.

In 1984, a undeveloped film in brown envelope arrived to James Chandra who was a producer of TV from an anonymous person. It was so called MJ-12 document in the film. It says that 12 people made a secret promise with extraterrestrial lives under President's direct orders. Roscoe Hillenketter who was the director of the CIA when the Rowel case was a chief of the 12 people. Now it is well known that the President Truman's sign was only a copy of another document.

There were Vannevar Bush who were the head of the department of MIT as one of 12 members of MJ-12.

Vannevar Bush put forward a new plan to extend memories, MEMEX in 1945. It was a system to view a information in microfilm to a half transparent screen. He planned to compress information and access it quickly. Bush led the Manhattan project that was an experiment of an atomic bomb. He also made a basis of multimedia at the same time.

John C. Lilly searched the unconsciousness of human by experiment of cutting off the sense by using drugs and an isolation tank. He thought that he was connected to something like an existence in space. He called it ECCO, Earth Code Control Organization(?) which led him. After that, Lilly became to research about dolphins. Dolphins can communicate by ultrasonic waves of wide range in water.

Ted Nelson who learned from Vannevar Bush and John C. Lily who were heresy pioneers, claimed a plan "Xanadu" that is a electric library in satellite that can be used from anywhere on earth by electromagnetic waves and an telephone network. It is an Mongolian utopia where every text culture will exist forever. It is called "Xanadu". Hypertext can make it real in this world. Ted Nelson will go down in history as a proponent of it.

The earth itself has peculiar electromagnetic waves. There are always resonances at 8 Hz in ELF band between the ground and the ionosphere. It is called "Shuman Effect" It is a brain wave of the earth. But we still don't know how it affects to human.

Human's population on earth will become the same number as neurons in brain. Douglas Rachcov claims that it will awake the consciousness of earth itself by connecting humans each other by network. Network has spread so quickly, and it became like neural network in brain. Therefore, the earth itself will become one neural network.

Eiri Masami was a chief research worker in Tachibana lab. He improved the theory of neural network of earth itself. He advocated that every human's unconscious will be connected to a wireless network without devices (by Shuman effect). He added a function to use Shuman Resonance to the 7th protocol in code on his own discretion . When Tachibana Lab. know it, they dismissed him. One week later, Eiri was found as a dead body run over and killed at the railway on Yamanote line.