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Claims about Bearden
Claim: Bearden claims that current is not required to extract electrical energy.
Analysis: I have not found such a claim on Bearden's site
Google search: "current is not required" No results
Furthermore, it seems to me that, as it is described, current does flow from the primary coil.
Claim: Bearden claims that inferior materials are better.
Analysis: Said by Bearden here

Claim: Bearden is arguing that over-unity is only possible with antiquated second rate equipment, in poorly equipped labs. Any attempt to use modern scientific equipment, accurate sensors, proper wire, measuring apparatus, or other standard lab equipment, will ruin the effect.
Analysis: Bearden only appears to be claiming that corrosion is a beneficial factor in the construction of an over-unity machine. He says nothing here about the testing and measuring equipment.

Claim: Bearden denies that the orientation of the e field does not exist outside the antenna.
Analysis: I can find no such denial on his site.
Google search: site:www, orientation "e-field"

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