Useful Tables
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EXE file header info
Offset Length Description
0(0h) word MZ, EXE file signature
2(2h) word Length of file MOD 512
4(4h) word Size of file in 512-byte pages
6(6h) word Number of Items in Relocation Table
This table contains 32 bit offsets of CALL code that needs to be patched. Data in CS register is added to the offset.
8(8h) word Size of header in paragraphs
10(Ah) word Minimum paragraphs needed above program
12(Ch) word Maximum paragraphs desired above program
14(Eh) word Stack segment displacement from start of program in paragraphs
16(10h) word Contents of SP register on entry
18(12h) word Two's compliment checksum
20(14h) word Contents of IP register on entry
22(16h) word Contents of CS register on entry
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