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QuickBasic Projects

QuickBASIC Engines
QuickBASIC Optimization Tests
QB Skeletons

HIQB Collection

Contains everything in HIQBCMMN below, plus a few things. This version is needed to run CWNEW in CWTWEEN.ZIP below. CWNEW's, CWNEW.MAK expects these files to be placed in HIQB in the root directory of the C: drive
Click to Download


A far-from-finished in between version of what's going to be a game called Cruel World.
Requires HIQB above.

Cruel World

A Sequel/Prequel to Dark Warrior...I still don't know yet
Download several files similar to the first area in Cruel World Earlier than the file above.

Common Collection

Download a collection of Quick Basic and assembly files This link will be enabled later as this collection is going to undergo a huge overhaul

RPG Engine

RPG Engine
Rpg Engine Release 2- Now includes:

Two unique map IDs can share the same graphic

256 Map IDs per map

Battles Engine

Spells can not yet be cast outside of battles
I think I have some Improvements to this that haven't been uploaded here.
I still haven't included pixel-by pixel scrolling, though.

Extreme This version has more bugs, but can be compiled and is more advanced in development. New Release of EXTREME.ZIP is much less buggy than the first one and adds a little implementation of scripting.

Dark Warrior

This is going to be my first real game. You start out on a bridge. and Nega Warrior's goon squad has kidnapped Dark Warrior's adopted daughter
Download some of my early work that is similar to what the first area plays like

Tile Editor

Click here to download
Edits 20x20 tiles with the ability to draw circles, squares, filled circles, filled squares, and lines. Things I can use help on:
Simutaneous handling of Conventional, EMS, and XMS memory.

New File

Windows MS-DOS window titlebar changing code
Allows you to change parts of the titlebar from Your MS-DOS QB Created Program

Click Here to download

Color Experimentation Program
This program offers a few tools to experiment with different combintions of RGB values as well as allowing you to see what would happen when you dither two colors together.
Thre are now 5 tools
The names the tools have been given are: Solids, Floats, Dither,Split off, and Terraced

Other Major Projects

No need to scroll through the files below, scratching your head, wondering which files are really good and which just fill in the picture. Hre are the important files.
Tile Editor
Contains the assembly for quick AND, OR putting, as well as being a nifty tile editor. Part of the Graphic Editor is based on this.
Release 2: Adds Buffer routines and some optimizations, mosaic still doesn't work This one is the best of all the scrolling routines.


Proto1 was created to figure out how to do rpg game graphics
It has been broken into two separate groups PALTRANS and SCROLL.
Download Proto1

Scroll Map

Release 2: adds buffer routine and some optimizations This one is the best of all the scrolling routines.
It has the startings of a mosaic routine, but the mosaic routine doesn't work.

Scroll 1

Originally part of Proto1, the routines needed to scroll on the screen.
320200.ASM the screen copy to screen routines
FASTPUT.ASM (not in PROTO1) Assembly routines to put graphics on the screen(PSET)
Several odd programs that use 320200.asm in conjunction with BASIC routines to scroll a level

Click Here to Download Scroll

Scroll 2

Uses a completely different way to scroll, easier to do animation, but is probably slower than SCROLL
Isn't complete.
Click Here To Download

Scroll 3

Click Here to Download


You'll still have to download proto1 for the routines that'll become this. Supposed to do Final Fantasy style Palette reassignment.(Like, you fight an easy enemy of one color, you fight a harder enemy, same bitmap different colors


Routines for using the Sound Blaster. Still not ready for prime time, but will eventually will play MIDI files
Click here to download what there is of Proto2
Most of the files I didn't really do, however, I did edit on some of them
New version adds: plays one note at a time on the tracks of some midis uning the PLAY statement.


Routines for using Windows in DOS. Will copy graphics to and from the Windows clipboard


Routines and info for programming the VGA registers. Still not very complete


Download QCD Update 1
QCD the replacement for DOS's CD... It slices, It dices, It even does... No, not really, but it does allow you to make aliases for drives and directories and has a feature similar to Windows 95 directory shortcuts. If you request it enough times, I will get around sooner to adding the ability to read them to QCD
Click here to e-mail me.